#BlogElul 5776 #ElulGram – Elul 29: Return

When you read this final blog post of the #BlogElul series, we will be in the Days of Awe, with a new moon, a new month of holidays, a new year 5777 with its celebrations, reflections, worshipping and deliberate renewal of vows to be better persons. This time, thanks to all of you, I feel… Continue Reading

#BlogElul 5776 #ElulGram – Elul 28: Give

I am writing this penultimate post of the series of #BlogElul after a very uplifting Shabbat I spent with loved ones and with the community of my small town that had gathered for a musical concert to promote peace and reconciliation. Several Gospel choirs, musicians, and clergy from the area were invited to present their message of peace… Continue Reading

#BlogElul 5776 #ElulGram – Elul 27: Bless

As we are nearing the end of this month of Elul, I am starting to feel the urgency of the season. Usually, when it is the sixth day, the last day before Shabbat enters, I always speed up to finish most of what I deem urgent so that I can relax and not have a… Continue Reading

#BlogElul 5776 #ElulGram – Elul 26: Create

Yom Harat Olam is another way to call Rosh Hashanah and it means “the day of the creation of the world”. In our congregation, it has been a tradition to read the story of the Creation of the World in Genesis, chapter 1 to remember this birthday and this year, I will be chanting some… Continue Reading

#BlogElul 5776 #ElulGram – Elul 25: Intend

There is a very beautiful concept in Judaism called כַּוָּנָה “kavanah” which would translate as “the intention” and is actually a movement, the movement of your heart that you can feel when you really mean something – when you really mean it. It can definitely be experienced physically. It may depend on how you are attuned to… Continue Reading

#BlogElul 5776 #ElulGram – Elul 24: Hope

                One of the most difficult things, when you suffer from depression, is to understand the feeling of hope: it is one of those feelings that can elude you completely and it becomes only an intellectual thought when confronted with the word or the description of “hopeful”. I… Continue Reading

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